Energy conversion Laboratory

Laboratory Description

The electrical energy conversion laboratory or more familiarly called the KE Lab. The KE Lab is in the Department of Electrical Engineering ITS and is located in room B 101-B 102 and AJ 101.The fields of knowledge studied and developed in this laboratory are all matters related to the principle of converting electrical energy, power electronics technology, renewable energy engineering and development. electric machine. As a practical laboratory, Lab. KE also provides basic lab work for electric power systems, power electronics and alternating current machines.

Research Topics

Research in this laboratory is as follows

  • New and renewable energy engineering
  • Electric power system optimal control system
  • New topology design of mains power converter
  • Advance electric drive system
  • Electrical machine design, both induction motor and brushless dc motor
  • smart grid system
  • Electrical power conditioning system
  • Power electronics applications in industry

Laboratory Services

This laboratory has several services:

  • Basic practicum of electric power systems
  • Practical machine alternating current
  • power electronics lab
  • Community Service based on science and technology
  • Research based on LBE (Lab Base Education)
  • Engineering consultation

Head of Laboratory

Heri Suryoatmojo, ST, MT, Ph.D.

Laboratorium Members

  • Prof. Dr. Ir.Mochamad Ashari, M.Eng.
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Soedibyo, MMT.
  • Dedet, Candra Riawan, ST, M.Eng, Ph.D
  • Feby Agung Pamuji, ST,MT, Ph.D.

Photos of Lab. Facilities and Activities

Member Lab. Konversi Energi Listrik

Research on renewable energy

Lab work Electrical Energy Conversion

Community services

Eco aerator community service products in shrimp ponds