Doctoral Degree

Doctoral Degree

Doctoral Program of Electrical Engineering (DPEE) was established in 2004, as a part Faculty of Electrical Technology, has been granted “A” grade by National Accreditation Board of Higher Education since 2011 and maintained the top grade qualification for the 2016 accreditation, most recently.

DPEE offers research based PhD study with diverse areas such as energy conversion and renewable technology, smart power system, control engineering, antennas and propagation, multimedia communication, telecommunication network, electronics, biomedical engineering, intelligent system, computer engineering, game technology and telematics. To support the activities of those research areas, DPEE is staffed by more than 50 lecturers graduated from reputable universities around the world.

In order to qualify for doctorate degree, students have to complete 42 credits in 6 semesters (3 years). The curriculum consists of 5 credits compulsory courses, 9 credits elective courses and 28 credits dissertation. Some courses are offered English, while the majority is given in Bahasa Indonesia.

To enrich students with international experiences, DPEE has sent more than 30 students to various  joint sandwich programs with several reputable universities around the world such as USA, Japan, France, Netherland, Taiwan, Hungary and Austria. In addition, DPEE also hosts international students from France, Poland, Ukraine, Palestine, Spain and Algeria as full time students or part time students. Since 2004, more than 100 domestic and international students have graduated from DPEE ITS.

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