Practical Work and Internship

Electrical Engineering Internship is a practical work registration system that was built to make it easier for students to register practical work. In addition, the Electrical Engineering Internship also provides information on practical work guidelines, regulations related to practical work, practical work templates, practical work exam schedules, and other information.

To register for Electrical Engineering Internship users, please log in using an Integra account. Every student of the Electrical Engineering Department will be automatically registered in the Electrical Engineering Internship the first time they log in.

Students of the Electrical Engineering Department  who will complete their studies in the undergraduate program must have taken all compulsory courses with a credit load as specified in the curriculum. Among the courses there are practical work which is carried out in companies or agencies outside ITS, which must be carried out by each student with a weight of 2 credits and is named Practical Work.

What is meant by practical work activities are all activities related to the implementation of practical work, starting from submitting proposals, processing correspondence with companies, implementing practical work until completing reports to the issuance of final scores. In carrying out practical work activities, students will be guided by a Supervisor who is appointed by the laboratory coordinator who is assigned to the practical work Section in their respective fields of study.

The duration of the practical work implementation is 1 (one) month at the company / agency where the practical work is held, carried out outside the lecture schedule arranged in such a way by practical work participating students and with the approval of the company / agency. For the field implementation, students are guided by staff from the company / agency, hereinafter referred to as Field Advisors.

Job Training can also be carried out within Institut Tekonologi Sepuluh Nopember without reducing the weight and meaning of the practical work itself, but still have to carry out administrative procedures as appropriate which are coordinated by the Secretary of the Undergraduate Study Program in the field of Final Project, Job Training, and Electrical Engineering Cooperation.