Vision and Mission


Being the provider of world-class master study programs in innovative learning and research to support industry.


Contributing in the development of science and technology related to the field of electrical engineering through tridharma activities and management based on information and communication technology (ICT).

In detail, the mission of the master of electrical engineering study program related to the fields of education, research, community service, and management is described as follows:

  1. Providing master degree in electrical engineering with the latest curriculum and learning materials, lecturers and international quality learning methods.
  2. Producing graduates who are devoted to God Almighty, have integrity and virtuous who are able to compete in the Asia-Oceania region.
  3. Developing science and technology in the field of electrical engineering through innovative international quality research activities and community service activities that can solve problems faced by the community.
  4. Developing networks with domestic and foreign partner institutions based on academic ethics, benefits and mutual benefits.


The objectives of the Master of Electrical Engineering Study Program are described as follows:

  1. To carry out superior education in master degree of electrical engineering in order to become an educational and research institution capable to compete internationally
  2. To produce high-quality, upholding academic integrity and responsible graduates of master degree in electrical engineering capable to compete at national and international levels and ready to continue their studies at the doctoral level both at home and abroad
  3. To produce scientific works and superior products that are able to support and to enhance the reputation of departments (and study programs) both at national and international levels
  4. To enhance education and research collaboration with foreign universities that contribute to generating ideas and works for the benefit of the society