No.CodeCourse NamesCredits
1EE186101Philosophy of Science3
Elective Courses6
Total of credits9
1EE186201Academic Writing2
2EE186202Dissertation I - Qualification4
Elective Courses3
Total of credits9
1EE186301Dissertation II - Seminar3
Total of credits3
1EE186401Dissertation III – Journal I5
Total of credits5
1EE186501Dissertation IV – Journal II5
Total of credits5
1EE186602Dissertation V – Close Defend8
2EE186603Dissertation VI – Open Defend3
Total of credits11
No.EC CodeEC NamesCredits
Renewable Energy and Electrical Energy Conversion
1EE186111High Efficiency Rotating Electric Machines3
2EE186112High Power Converters3
3EE186113Renewable Energy Technology3
4EE186114Hybrid Technology for Electric Vehicle3
5EE186115Special Topic on Energy Conversion3
6EE186116Special Topic on Renewable Energy3
Total of credits18
Smart Electrical Power System
1EE186211Distribution System Automation3
2EE186212Modern Power System Operation3
3EE186213Power System Control and Monitoring3
4EE186214Smart Hybrid Control Strategy in Power System4
5EE186215Multi Machine Modelling and Control4
6EE186216Non Linear Complex System Dynamic3
7EE186217Special Topic on Power System3
8EE186218Special Topic on High Voltage Insulation Diagnostic3
Total of credits26
Control Engineering
1EE186121Nonlinear Systems3
2EE186122Methods of Algebraic Geometry in Control Theory3
3EE186123Optimization in the Vector Space and Its Applications3
4EE186124Adaptive Filtering3
5EE186125Social Robotics3
6EE186126Special Topics on Control Engineering3
Total of credits18
Antenna and Propagation
1EE186131Advanced Electromagnetics3
2EE186132Radio Wave Propagation3
3EE186133Antenna and Array3
4EE186134Radio Frequency Engineering3
5EE186135Radar Engineering3
6EE186136Special Topics in Antenna and Propagation3
Total of credits18
Multimedia Communication
1EE186231Advanced Digital Communication Systems3
2EE186232Information Theory3
3EE186233Channel Coding3
4EE186234Detection and Estimation3
5EE186235Optimization for Communications and Networks3
6EE186236Special Topics on Multimedia Communication3
Total of credits18
Telecommunication Network
1EE186331Wireless Communication Networks3
2EE186332Internet Protocol Engineering3
3EE186333Communication Network Security3
4EE186334Network Performance and Quality of Service Management3
5EE186335Network Design, Architecture and Analysis3
6EE186336Special Topics on Telecommunication Network3
Total of credits18
1EE186141Sensors and Actuators Technology3
2EE186142Electronic Circuit and System Design3
3EE186143Signal, Image, and Video Processing3
4EE186144Industrial Electronics and Automation3
5EE186145Robotics and Artificial Intelligence3
6EE186146Special Topics on Electronics Engineering3
Total of credits18
Biomedical Engineering
1EE186241Advanced Biomedical Engineering3
2EE186242Clinical Engineering3
3EE186243Biomedical Signal Analysis and Modeling3
4EE186244Intelligent Systems in Biomedical Engineering3
5EE186245Rehabilitation Engineering3
6EE186246Special Topics on Advanced Biomedical Engineering3
Total of credits18
Intelligent System
1EE186151Nonlinear Dynamic and Chaotic3
2EE186152Machine Learning I3
3EE186153Machine Learning II3
4EE186154Affective Computing3
5EE186155Text Mining3
6EE186156Special Topics on Intelligent System3
Jumlah sks18
Computer Engineering
1EE186251Medical Data Modelling and Visualization3
2EE186252Medical Image Analysis3
3EE186253Advance Signal Processing and Noise Reduction3
4EE186254Computer Vision for 3D Measurement3
5EE186255Biomedical Signal Processing3
6EE186256Special Topics in Computer Engineering3
Jumlah sks18
Game Technology
1EE186351Game Theory3
2EE186352Game Interface3
3EE186353Game Virtual Environment3
4EE186354Data Mining3
5EE186355Graphical Processing Unit Architecture3
6EE186356Multimedia Processing3
7EE186357Special Topics on Game Technology3
Jumlah sks21
1EE186161Big Data and Cloud Computing3
2EE186162Biometric System3
3EE186163Multimedia Communication Network3
4EE186164Broadband Wireless Communication System3
5EE186165Multimedia Data Analysis3
6EE186166Data Modelling and Visualization3
7EE186167Special Topics on Telematics3
Jumlah sks21
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