Learning Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Having the fundamental knowledge and skillset, capable of developing the advanced technology required (PEO-1).
  2. Having good leadership, high standard ethics, and social awareness (PEO-2).

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates are able in mastering concepts, scientific principles comprehensively, engineering principles, and factual knowledge about Information Technology to develop procedures and strategies needed in system analysis and design related to the field of Electrical Engineering (PLO-1)
  2. Graduates are able to formulate problems, arrange engineering problem solving, and produce system designs with new ideas in the field of electrical engineering (PLO-2)
  3. Graduates are able to implement solutions to engineering problems that take into account economic, public health and safety, cultural, social, and environmental factors (PLO-3)
  4. Graduates are able to compile scientific conceptions and study results based on rules, procedures, scientific ethics and document them (PLO-4)
  5. Graduates are able to compile a research map developed through an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach (PLO-5)
  6. Graduates are able to develop themselves and compete at the national and international levels (PLO-6)
  7. Graduates are able to make decisions in the context of solving problems in the development of science and technology that pay attention to and apply the value of the humanities-based on analytical or experimental studies of information and data (PLO-7)
  8. Graduates are able to systematically reflect the non-technical implications of engineering work and to integrate results in a responsible and professional manner (PLO-8)
  9. Graduates are able to develop products that can improve the quality of life of the community either independently or collectively (PLO-9)

Graduate Profiles

  1. Researcher, who involved in scientific researches belong to a research institute
  2. Lecturer
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. State officials
  5. Private officials