MBKM Guidelines

For students who plan to take part in MBKM activities such as student exchanges, internships or work practices, teaching assistance in educational units, research or research, humanitarian projects, entrepreneurial activities, independent studies/projects, building villages or thematic real work lectures (KKNT), etc. Please fill in the following form link.

For students who will take part in the OFFLINE/ONLINE MBKM in one of the industries/institutions on the list below, you are welcome to immediately prepare and propose a document of Credit Transfer Certificate (learning Agreement). Course transfer packages can be seen at the following link.
Online :

  • Achmad Zaky Foundation
  • AI4IMPACT Apprenticeship – Tokobot
  • Bangkit Academy
  • PT. Bisa Artifisial Indonesia (Bisa.ai)
  • Dicoding Indonesia
  • MyEduSolve
  • PT Mitra Semeru Indonesia
  • PT Stechoq Robotika Indonesia
  • PT Zona Edukasi Nusantara (ZENIUS)


Offline :

  • BND-Sensor Trafo
  • BND-Software Maintenance Trafo
  • Lentera Bumi Nusantara
  • Pengelolaan Pelabuhan
  • PT Bumitama Gunajaya Agro
  • PT INKA-Electrical Engineering System
  • PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia
  • PT Petrokimia Gresik


Proposed New Certificate Package
For those who carry out MBKM other than the list of Industries / Institutions on the list above, or a different curriculum, then please upload your internship syllabus/curriculum on the form at point A.

If it has been uploaded, please confirm the following PIC lecturer:
Power System : Dr. Dimas Fajar Uman Putra, S.T., M.T.
Control System : Moh. Abdul Hady, S.T., M.T.
Multimedia Telecommunications : Prasetiyono Hari Mukti, S.T., M.T.
Electronic Engineering : Muhammad Attamimi, B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D.

If until the end of the 2nd week of lectures your internship place does not have an internship syllabus/curriculum, please confirm with the PIC lecturer. For courses that will be transferred credit according to the package exemplified in the document link below:

For the preparation and proposal of the Credit Transfer Certificate document (learning Agreement) can be seen in the image below:
https://its.id/FormMBKMDTE (link document document credit transfer certificate)


After obtaining a letter of credit transfer certificate for MBKM activities, students are required to meet the guardian lecturer by bringing the voucher as a guide for the guardian lecturer to fill in the FRS. This guardianship activity can be carried out maximum in the 3rd week


Update : February 10, 2023

For students who have a recommendation for transferring achievement credit (PKM activities, Champion in a competition/race and similar achievements) can apply for credit transfer with the following conditions:

  • Have a credit transfer recommendation letter from the Directorate of Student Affairs ITS.
  • Fill out the following form:https://its.id/PendataanAlihKreditDTE
  • Submission of a conversion certificate through the DTE service desk

After getting a certificate of transfer of credit/securities for transferring achievement credit, students are required to meet the guardian lecturer by bringing the letter as a guide for the guardian lecturer to fill in the FRS. Maximum guardianship activities can be carried out in the 3rd week of lectures.

For students who have carried out the Internship, please fill in and upload your MBKM Report (other than KP, Pre-TA and TA) at the following link:

  1. For those whose MBKM has been completed, it is hoped that it will be uploaded soon. Specifically for Logbooks, the uploaded file must be excel. The uploaded logbook is adjusted to each course to be converted
  2. For assessments obtained from the company (direct entry from the company supervisor) please use the following form, if you need a letter of introduction, please contact Mr. Setya: https://its.id/MBKMDTENilaiHost
  3. If you have received a value transcript from the Company, please upload it in the following form:

Deadline for collecting logbooks and scores:
Assessment period 1 :
Submit : July 10th. Assessment July 15th.
Assessment period 2 :
Submit: July 17th. Assessment July 22.

The following is a list of DTE Stage-1 Internship acceptances. Congratulations to those who have been accepted.
Please read the following list of students carefully. These results will later be uploaded to the electrical engineering website, in the MBKM menu.


  1. Congratulations to students who have been accepted. There will be a discussion session and preparation of a learning agreement (LA). If there is something you don’t like and withdraw, please immediately confirm it with Mr Dimas Fajar.
  2. The internship quota for PLN Lombok NTT still has 3 participant slots. If reserve students are interested in registering, they are welcome to confirm with Mr. Dimas Fajar.
  3. 2nd Phase Recruitment will be announced soon. For reserve students, if you want to take part in the 2nd stage, you can register again later.
  4. On Wednesday, September 13 at 15.30 there will be socialization and discussion regarding the results of stage-1 acceptance, credit transfer and stage-2 plans