Seminar Internasional : The 4th International Seminar on Chemistry (ISoC IV)

Kam, 30 Jan 2020
11:19 am
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Acara The 4th International Seminar on Chemistry (ISoC IV)
Tema Hold The World With Chemistry
Tanggal July 14-15 2020
Lokasi Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya
PIC Departement of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Data Analytics

International Seminar on Chemistry (ISoC) The 4th International Seminar on Chemistry (ISoC IV) will be held on July 14-15 2020 in Surabaya, Indonesia. The ISoC (International Seminar on Chemistry) is a biennial international seminar organized by Departement of Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Data Analytics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Indonesia. The ISoC IV is a continuation of the ISoC III which has been held since 2014 with purpose to promote and develop science and technology in chemistry. ISoC will be a scientific meeting for students, researchers, educators, observers and practitioners from university, research institutions, industry, and the general public to share their ideas in chemistry development. This Seminar designed to bring experts as well as students together from a different field in chemistry to stimulate the formation of new networks and collaborations. We invite participants from around the world to get involved and present their current research both in oral or poster presentations. This year, ISOC IV’s theme is “Hold The World with Chemistry”. Today, the world faces many challenges, from climate change, water shortages, and natural resource scarcity, to providing healthcare for an aging population. Chemistry discoveries have been a key enabler of the world we live in. Chemistry forms the ground for modern life, technology, agriculture, pharmacy, and provides the basic materials for any other producing industries. More efficient use of energy, new functional materials, or developments in nanotechnology is indispensably bound to the creative and innovative work of today’s chemists. so in this seminar we invite all scientists around the world to share about their research especially in chemistry field to face the challenges of the world.

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