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ReComprovement is a guest lecture activity in the form of a talk show intended for members and staff of INDOCOR ITS SC 2021/2022. It is also open to the public, where speakers will be invited to educate students interested in corrosion control.

💡 Topic:
“General Corrosion Risk Assessment and Management for Oil and Gas Industry”

👷 Speaker 1:
– Cartha Kharisma, S.T.
(Corrosion and Integrity Engineer at PT Pertamina EP Cepu JTB)

👷 Speaker 2:
– Benyamin Bungaran, S.T., M.M.T.
(Sr. Asset Integrity Engineer at Qatar Energy)

❗️Date: Saturday, 2 July 2022
❗️Time: 12.30 – 15.25 WIB
❗️place: Zoom Meeting

– E-certificate
– Recording and Summaries Talkshow
– Useful Knowledge
– Doorprize
– Networking

💰 Fee: 10k

Register yourself now at

Contact Person (Line/WA) :
– Axel Jonathan Tantowi (axeltannn/085311663459)
– Luthfy Danu (luthfy31/085710528636)

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