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What is the procedure for hospitals’ need for aid in the supply of face shields?

Medical centers can apply for an aid in the supply of face shield by following the procedure below:1)Visit our website to fill in the request form, select the face shield (APD wajah) request form through the link.2)Upload an official request letter, complete with the medical center’s letterhead. Letter should be addressed to Mr.Joko Kuswanto as the Head of the Integrated Digital Design Laboratory, Department of Product Design, Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya.3)Be patient and the team will follow up the request.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

Confirmation of donation made through ITS Charity

If respondent added a nominal of Rp.19 as a unique number when donating, the your donation is automatically received and confirmed. But if there is a need for a proof of donation, respondent can immediately contact through the ITS COVID-19 Hotline.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

If respondent experiences symptoms of having a cough, runny rose, fever, and difficulty in breathing for 2-4 days, do those symptoms show indication of COVID-19? Should the respondent immediately be tested for COVID-19?

The main symptoms of COVID-19 are as follows: dry cough, runny nose/flu, difficulty in breathing/shortness of breath, fever of 38 degrees, and the weakening of the body. If respondent experiences only one symptom of the mentioned list, self-isolation and further observation for a duration of 5 to 14 days are recommended. Get enough rest at home, maintain a healthy diet and clean hygiene, as well as drink enough water.If further observation shows teh existence of other symptoms, further tests are encouraged. Immediately go to a medical facility, such as Medical Center, General Clinic, or Community Health Center (Puskesmas).When checking into a medical facility, always wear a mask and limit a distance to 1 meter with other individuals.Examination on the medical facility will determine whether it is needed for the respondent to receive care at one of COVID-19 referred hospitals due to identification of a Patient Being Observed. If respondent is not identified as a Patient Being Observed, the respondent will instead receive medication or other care in the medical facility.Stay calm, maintain a positive outlook in facing the symptoms that arise. The existence of all symptoms doesn’t automatically indicate being positively infected with COVID-19.Another side note, if the symptom that arise are merely a dry cough or a runny nose, instead of being rushed immediately to the Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA) as a crisis center, it is encouraged for the respondent to stay calm and get checked in a public clinic. This is due to Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA)’s status as a crisis center, specialized to care after those who are already exposed greatly to the virus. Experiencing mild symptoms shouldn’t be concluded immediately but instead have yourself be observed further.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

Do and Donts Social Distancing

How about ITS homecoming program information for students?

The homecoming program is only done once on April 3rd, 2020 and there is no continuation of the program.

Is the medical checkup service at the Medical Center still open?

The Medical Center is still open on Monday-Friday from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM.

Is the Face Shield Made by ITS being sold through E-Commerce?

To Civitas Academica of ITS as well as all citizens, in response to the Face Shield Made by ITS being sold in several online shopping platforms in Indonesia, such as Tokopedia. We would like to clear this up and affirm that ITS Face Shields are not being sold through any online shopping platforms. Face Shields made by ITS are only being produced and distributed directly to aid hospitals, public clinics, medical centers, and other medical facilities that are in need and have submitted request letters for the supply of Face Shields through this link . If any party on behalf of ITS is selling Face Shields through the mentioned online shopping platforms, we firmly state that it is NOT our product.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

Is the ITS Rector tested positive for COVID-19?

To Civitas Academica of ITS as well as all citizens, in response to a rumor that claims that the Chancellor of ITS is tested positive for COVID-19, the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology would like to clear up any rumors and restate that the news is hoax or is not true. ITS can guarantee this because all executive officials of ITS were immediately tested at the Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA) on the 16th of March 2020. The test results were negative and and we can assure that all executive officials of ITS are in good health.In addition to that, we have published the mentioned test results through ITS media portals, and one of the publications can be accessed through this  link .Taking into account of the world’s current condition of facing a pandemic, we encourage everyone to be very careful and mindful in receiving and giving information to avoid any false rumors circulating. It is best to always crosscheck before believing any news source.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

What is the current condition of ITS executive boards after the meeting with people from the Netherlands?

Executive officials of ITS were immediately tested at the Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA) on the 16th of March 2020. The test results were negative and and we can assure that all executive officials of ITS are in good health.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

What is the procedure for the ordering of Disinfection Chambers?

Disinfection Chambers can be requested through a directly contacting the ITS COVID-19 Hotline (08113010103). Our team will provide a contact in order to request for Disinfection Chambers.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

What is the trip procedure for students that wish to go back to their homes?

Encouragement on ITS Students’ Return to Respective HomesFor all ITS students who wish to return back to their respective hometowns during the proceeding of online classes, we urge that they adhere to the ITS Student Return Protocol that has been announced and socialized. On top of that, students should still care and maintain a healthy diet and a clean hygiene. The following are steps that must be done before returning back to the students’ respective hometowns:1)Report to the students’ HIMA of their respective departments and the HIMA will then report to the department.2)Fill out the form provided by the ITS COVID-19 Technical Preparedness Team through the link .3)Strictly follow the ITS Student Return Protocol that has been shared on various ITS portals.The mentioned is the protocol for ITS students’ return to their respective hometowns, please strictly follow it and don’t forget to fill in the form so that students’ data can be recorded and collected.Thankyou and have a wonderful time with your family. May the grace, protection, and health blessings from God Almighty will always accompany us and our families. Amin.Source : Hotline COVID-19 ITS

Has the face shield help request been closed?

The face shield request is temporary pending due to fulfilling a large number of orders. If the production process has ready, it will be open again soon.

Does the Medical Center provide the Test for COVID-19?

The Medical Center does not provide the COVID-19 Test. But if there is a symptom that you feel, you can do the checkup in Medical Center before going directly to the Krisis Center Hospital.

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