Self Isolation Protocol

Covid-19 patients based on symptoms

Double up Your Mask

Bed Occupancy Rate (June 25th,2021)

Potential activities that cause covid-19 with less implement of health protocols

Indication of the location of the cause of the covid-19 campus

Indication of activities that cause covid-19 campus

Faith, Immunity, Safe

COVID-19 Prevention Steps

ITS Product Distribution for COVID-19

HazSUIT Donation Program

Mask Donation Program

Must Wear Mask!

Protocol for Activities on ITS Campus for Lecturer, Staff, Student, and Guest during COVID-19

Support Face Shield by Design Product ITS

Infectious Hazardous Waste and Household Waste Management

Hand Sanitizer Donation

Logistics Donation

Arrival and Return Home Procedures

Hand Wash

Hand Wash Tutorial

Hand Wash to Prevent COVID-19

Announcement for the ITS Academic Community

ITS Donation

Who needs to do a health check at the hospital ?

Difference between ODP, PDP, and Suspect

How to Prevent Corona Virus Infection

What has ITS implemented in the effort of handling COVID-19?

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