Direktorat Kerjasama dan Pengelolaan Usaha

Professional Cooperation

Professional Cooperation Supporting Facilities

DKPU-ITS cooperates with institutions of the Center for Excellence in Science and Technology (PUI), Center of Study (Pusat Kajian), and Center of Research (Pusat Penelitian) that available at ITS to meet the needs of partners in terms of professional collaboration


Center of Excellence for Automotive Control & System

Center of Excellence for Automotive Control & System (SKO) has services that include: engineering design and reverse engineering facilities, testing control systems and integrated car computer systems, testing equipment for conventional to modern electric cars and motorcycles, composite fabrication, 3-D scanners and 3-D photogravimetry.


Center of Study

There are 5 (five) Center of Study (Pusat Kajian) which are units under the DRPM that carry out and manage ITS community service activities, in accordance with the fields written in the ITS Organization and Work Procedure.


Center of Research

There are 10 (Ten) Research Centers which are units under the DRPM that carry out and manage ITS research, in accordance with the fields written in the ITS Organization and Work Procedure.

DKPU-ITS provides supporting facilities for professional cooperation in the form of laboratories and testing centers for partner needs, which are supported by professional and trusted personnel.


Laboratory of Ship Construction and Strength

This laboratory plays an important role in research on ship construction and strength, especially testing of materials to be used in ship construction.


Laboratory of Concrete and Building Materials

This laboratory has a motto of emphasizing on service for customer satisfaction, and to aim towards an international standard laboratory.


Laboratory of Transportation and Road Materials

This laboratory was awarded as the second best laboratory at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in 2007.


Laboratory of Structure

This laboratory is supported by qualified experts and technicians and is equipped with modern enough facilities to meet the needs of partners.


Laboratory of Soil Mechanics and Rocks

This laboratory is considered one of the best in the Facilities for Soil Mechanics Laboratory in Eastern Indonesia.


Minerals and Materials Processing Laboratory

Founded in 2010, the Mineral and Materials Processing Laboratory has been involved in research and development in several fields of extractive metallurgy


Laboratory of Vibration and Acoustics

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory, Department of Engineering Physics, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology studies sound and vibration phenomena, including auditory processing in humans and their applications, such as speech synthesis, noise mapping, vibration analysis, and many more for industry and humanity.


Transportation and Geotechnical Laboratories

This laboratory consists of a laboratory for road material testing and soil testing


Building Material and Structures Laboratory

This laboratory has 4 main concentrations, namely: concrete laboratory, steel working laboratory, wood working laboratory, and stone working laboratory

Sector of Cooperation

Supported by skilled and professional workforce and projectants in their fields, DKPU-ITS continues to develop and improve professional cooperation so as to prove the strong commitment of DKPU-ITS in maintaining service standards.