Laboratory of Transportation and Road Materials

This Laboratory was awarded as the Second Best Laboratory Management on 2006 within ITS.

Type of Service:

  1. Testing on asphalt and agregate.
  • Asphalt job mix
  • Marshall test
  • CBR test
  • Core drill
  • Benkleman beam
  • Skid resistance
  • Asphalt and aggregate properties
  1. Land transportation:
    Planning and design on road, terminal, mass transit, urban transit, public transit, traffic engineering, transport modeling, highway safety, feasibility study and environmental impact analysis.
  1. Sea Transportation:
    Design of port infrastructure, feasibility study.
  1. Sea Transportation
    Design of airport, feasibility study.
  1. Training
    Training regarding asphalt job-mix, transportation modeling, highway safety, traffic engineering, and port operational management.