Soil Mechanics and Rocks Laboratory

Laboratory of Soil Mechanics and Rocks

Type of Service

This laboratory is considered as one of best in facility for soil mechanics laboratory in eastern part of Indonesia. With the available facilities, the lab. may perform most of the tests of soil mechanics  and  rock  in  field  as  well  as  in  laboratory.  The  field  and  laboratory  testing  are performed in accordance with international standard tests, i.e. ASTM. The Laboratory of Soil Mechanics and Rocks is capable of conducting the following tests :

  • Static Dutch Cone Penetrometer Test, CPT, 2.5-ton and 6-ton capacities.
  • Soil Boring Test, hand boring for a depth to 5 meters, and machine bor for a depth to 30 meters.
  • SPT (Standar Penetration Test)
  • Geoelectric Test – Yokogawa Tipe 3244
  • Loading Test and Plate Bearing Test
  • Tests on engineering behavior of soils.
  • Tests on physical behavior of soils.


Phone   : +6231-5946094 / 5928601
Fax       : +6231-5947284 / 5928601