Minerals and Materials Processing Laboratory

Our Mission

Commercialization of minerals and materials processing technologies with a view to generate employment and economic growth in Indonesia. In particular, minerals metals ore as nickel, copper, iron, aluminium etc.


Established in 2010, Minerals and Materials Processing Laboratory has been engaged in research and development in several areas of extractive metallurgy including : Blast Furnace Process Modelling, Minerals/Materials Processing Using Microwave, Minerals/Materials Process Modelling, Developmnet of Smelter for Nickel/Copper/Iron and other metals ore, Direct reduction of iron sand using tunnel kiln, Direct reduction of nickel ore, Sintering of nickel ore

  1. Blast Furnace Process Modelling
  2. Minerals/Materials Processing Using Microwave
  3. Minerals/Materials Process Modelling
  4. Develope Smelter for Nickel/Copper/Iron and other metals ore
  5. Direct reduction of iron sand using tunnel kiln
  6. Direct reduction of nickel ore
  7. Sintering of nickel ore

Name                        : Dr. Sungging Pintowantoro, S.T., M.T.

NIP                            : 196809302000031001

Position                    : Pembina / IVa

Academic Position : Associate Professor

Email                        : sungging@mat-eng.its.ac.id

Name                        : Yuli Setiyorini, S.T., M.Phil

NIP                            : 197907242005012003

Position                    : Penata / IIIc

Academic Position : Assistant Professor

Email                        : yuli_setyo@mat-eng.its.ac.id

Name                        : Fakhreza Abdul, S.T., M.T

NIP                            : 199102172015041002

Position                    : Penata Muda Tk.I / IIIb

Academic Position : Assistant Professor

Email                        : fakhreza.abdul@mat-eng.its.ac.id

Name                        : Mavindra Ramadhani, S.T., M.T

NIP                            : 198805012019031008

Position                    : Penata Muda Tk.I / IIIb

Academic Position : Assistant Professor

Email                        : mavindra@its.ac.id

Name                        : Sumarsono, S.T.

NIP                            : 196406241991031002

Position                    : Penata / IIIc

Academic Position : Fungsional umum

Email                        : sumarsono@its.ac.id


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Journals (In Indonesian)

  1. 2020, Pengaruh Holding Time Proses Solution Treatment dan Variasi Media Pendingin pada Cu-Zn-Al Shape Memory Alloys terhadap Efek Shape Memory dan Struktur Mikro, M Ramadhani, R Rochiem, L Rizkivany, Jurnal Teknik ITS 9 (1), F91-F96
  2. 2018, Analisa Penggunaan Beberapa Jenis Arang Lokal Sebagai Reduktor dalam Proses Pembuatan Besi Spon (Sponge Iron) dari Bahan Baku Pasir Besi Menggunakan Metode Reduksi Langsung, F Abdul, H Wasik, Jurnal IPTEK 22 (2), 43-50
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  5. 2017, The Effect of Si/Al Ratio to Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Ferronickel Slag-based Geopolymer, M Mustofa, S Pintowantoro, IPTEK Journal of Proceedings Series 3 (2), 167-172

Extractive metallurgy and refining process (Agglomeration process and Direct reduction process)

  1. Blast Furnace pilot plant, 10 TPD ore capacity
  2. Muffle furnace (Gas burner)
  3. Compaction and briquetting machine
  4. Flotation cell
  5. Jaw crusher and disk mill
  6. Degree of metallization testing
  7. Shatter index testing

Kontak : Email Kalab (sungging@mat-eng.its.ac.id )
Telp. 031-5997026, 031-70800753