A reading room Material and Metallurgy engineering is one of the facilities is by the ministry of technique material and metallurgy its to university students and those academic services lending, return, lengthening, various a collection of library supporting the learning process in the department of Material and Metallurgy engineering ITS.

Be a reading room could serve a threat to the users well

Provided the journal magazine newspaper and various reading to support teaching and learning activities to the Department Material And Metallurgy ITS Engineering

Penanggung Jawab :

Nama            : Mudjiningsih, S.Sos.

NIP                 : 196010061981032003

Pangkat/Gol : Penata Tk.I/ IIId

Jabatan         : Pustakawan Pertama

Jam Operasional

Senin-Jumat : 08.30 – 15.30

Sabtu, Minggu, dan tanggal merah libur.

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