Research-Based Material and Metallurgical Engineering Department

Until now, the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department has provided adequate educational facilities related to teachers, facilities in the building, and laboratory. Teachers provided amounted to 26 people with 6 laboratories in it. 6 Teachers as Metallurgy Manufacturing Laboratory member, 3 Teachers as Innovation Materials Laboratory member, 4 Teachers as Minerals and Materials Processing Laboratory member, 4 Teachers as Materials Chemistry Laboratory member,  5 Teachers as Material Physics Laboratory member, and 4 Teachers as Corrosion and Materials Failure Laboratory member. And in each laboratory there is one technician who helps the lab work.

Permanent Lecturer                    : Profesor 1 People, Doktor 9 People, Magister 14 People

Permanent Lecturer PTNBH      : Doktor 1 People, Magister 1 People

Administration Academic Staff : Undergraduate 1 People, Diploma 3 1 People, High School 4 People

Non Academic Staff                     : High School 2 People

Library Staff                                   : Undergraduate 1 People

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