Metallurgy and Manufacturing Laboratory


Metallurgy is one of the important fields of science that is very useful in human life and has been studied since pre-history. For this reason, in the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, this field of science is studied in-depth, from mineral extraction, manufacturing, treatment processes to degradation of these materials.

The Metallurgy and Manufacturing Laboratory is one of the institutions in the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering which is formed for supporters in research and learning in the field of metallurgy and manufacture process. This lab is one of the oldest labs that was established together with the establishment of the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. In this laboratory studied metallurgy related to the mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties of the material and also the heat treatment process to engineer the properties of the material. Furthermore, this lab also studied the manufacturing process, including, welding technology, casting technology, and heat treatment

For this reason, some practicums in this Lab include Metallurgical Practicum I, Metallurgical II, welding, casting, etc. The microstructure of the metal and its changes after-treatment of the material were studied in the field of metallography which observed the structure of the metal.

Finally, with the mastery of knowledge in the field of metallurgy, the technological independence of the Indonesian people who are rich in natural resources will soon be realized.

Physical metallurgy is a field of study in metallurgy where the focus are on the physical properties and microstructure transformation of metal and alloys. To achieved good properties in metal and its alloys, the effect of chemical composition, manufacturing method such as casting, jointing, machining, plastic deformation, surface engineering and heat treatment on microstructures transformation has to be developed by research, instruction and industrial service.

  1. Failure analysis on fracture component in cement industry and sugar mill factory
  2. Gravity permanent casting of non ferrous and its alloys
  3. Heat treatment of non ferrous and its alloys
  4. Steel heat treatment
  5. Stainless steel welding

Name : Wikan Jatimurti, S.T., M.Sc

NIP : 198303252014041001

Position : Penata / IIIc

Academic Position : Assistant Professor

Email :

Name                           : Ir. Rochman Rochiem, M.Sc.

NIP                               : 195809101986031002

Position                       : Pembina / IVa

Academic Position    : Associate Professor

Email                           :

Name                           : Ir. Moh. Farid, DEA

NIP                               : 195709241986031002

Position                       : Pembina / IVa

Academic Position    : Associate Professor

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Name                           : Dr. Agung Purniawan, ST. M.Eng

NIP                               : 197605282002121003

Position                       : Pembina / IVa

Academic Position    : Associate Professor

Email                           :

Name                           : Sutarsis, ST., M.Sc

NIP                               : 197708172005011001

Position                       : Penata / IIIc

Academic Position    : Assistant Professor

Email                           :

Name                            : Dian Mughni Fellicia, S.T., M.Sc

NIP                                : 198405152014042003

Position                        : Penata Muda Tk.I/ IIIb

Academic Position     : Assistant Professor

Email                            :

Name                          : Moh. Abdul Chanan. S.T.

NIP                              : 197005052000031001

Position                      : Penata Muda Tk.I / IIIb

Academic Position   : Pranata Laboratorium Pelaksana

Email                          :


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Our lab conduct practicum Metallurgy 1, Heat Treatment, Manufacturing Process, Welding Technology

  1. Universal testing machine
  2. Hardness tester ( Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell)
  3. Micro hardness tester
  4. Optical microscope
  5. Impact tester
  6. Muffle furnaces
  7. Fume hood
  8. Oven

Kontak : Wikan Jatimurti, S.T., M.Sc (
Telp. 031-5997026, 031-70800753