Vision and Mission


Become an innovative department that has expertise and global competence on materials engineering and technology to develop industries and networking.


Providing education, research, and social contributions to result graduates with high quality, competence and professional in materials engineering and technology as well as developing global networking to support national industries competitiveness.


The values ​​that the Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering wants to instill are:

  1. Ethics and Integrity (Ethics and Integrity); in the life of the community, state, and carrying out his profession, always adhering to the norms and regulations that apply in society, state, and religion
  2. Creativity and Innovation; always looking for new ideas to produce innovation in carrying out their duties / roles better
  3. Excellence; strive to achieve perfect results    Strong Leadership; show behavior that is visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking, brave to make changes towards a better, and responsible
  4. Strong Leadership; show behavior that is visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking, brave to make changes towards a better, and responsible.
  5. Synergy (Synergy); work together to be able to utilize the maximum potential they have
  6. Social Togetherness and Social Responsibility (Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility); maintain harmony and care for the surrounding community


The targets to be achieved by the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology are:

  1. Field of Teaching / Academic
  • Produce graduates who are competitive
  • Organizing programs that are able to drive towards an international reputation
  1. Field of Research
  • Producing research that has an impact on revenue generation – encourages research whose products are worth selling
  • Produce paper that can increase h-index
  1. Service Field
  • Applying science and technology to improve the economy
  1. Field of Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Availability of facilities and infrastructure
  1. Field of Human Resources
  • Competent human resources for Tri Dharma are available
  1. Field of Organization and Management
  • Comprehensive availability of OTK and SOP
  • Implementation of a quality management system at the Department level


Objectives of the FTI-ITS Bachelor of Materials Engineering Study Program :

  1. Improve the quality standards of material engineering graduates.
  2. Develop competencies in metallurgical and manufacturing engineering, corrosion techniques, material failure analysis and innovative material techniques.
  3. Strive for and maintain an academic atmosphere that supports the tertiary education program in the study program.
  4. Continuously improve the quality of students, lecturers, employees and educational facilities.
  5. Strive for, run and maintain partnerships with other institutions inside and outside the country in the fields of education, research, and community service.
  6. Produce graduates who are noble and have strong academic morals.