Bachelor Degree (S1)

Bachelor Degree (S1)

Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering is under the Faculty of Information Technology, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. The Material and Metallurgical Engineering Department has a vision to be a department that has advantages, global competence in the field of materials engineering and technology to support the development of science and technology and industry. Students in the Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering are prepared to be human beings who are skilled in designing and analyzing material and metallurgical engineering requirements for organizations, designing project development in material and metallurgical contexts by comprehensively combining into finished materials in the form of hardware, software, networks, data, processes and procedures , which mainly produces strong and skilled human resources. Students are also provided with basic skills and advances in the application of material processing and development, network infrastructure, maintenance of metal materials to become finished products that can be used by the community.


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Semester 1 Subject
SKS Semester 2 Subject
Indonesian 2 Bahasa Inggris 2
Citizenship 2 Mathematics 2 3
Chemistry 1 2 Pancasila 2
Physics 1 + p 2 Physics 2 3
Mathematics 1 2 Engineering Mechanics 2
Religion 2 Mechanical and Machine Drawings + tb 3
Introduction to Materials Engineering and Metallurgy 2 Material Chemistry + P 3
Number of SKS 18 18 Number of SKS 18 18


Semester 3 Subject
SKS Semester 4 Subject
Material Thermodynamics 3 Material Characterization 3
Computer Programming 3 Corrosion and Corrosion Control + P 3
Phase and Transformation Diagram 3 Process Manufactured + P 3
Machine Element 3 Metallurgy 2 + P 3
Metallurgy 1 + P 3 Numerical Analysis and Modeling 3
Engineering Mathematics 3 Experimental Statistics and Planning 3
 Number of SKS 18 18 Number of SKS 18 18


Semester 5 Subject
SKS Semester 6 Subject
Ceramic and Glass Material 3 Technopreneur 2
Fault Mechanics and Failure Analysis 3 Polymer Material 3
Occupational Safety and Health 3 The Process of Making Iron and Steel 3
Heat Treatment + P 3 Welding Technology + TB 3
Casting Technology + TB 3 Finite Element Method 3
Deformation and Formation Process 3 Transport Phenomenon 4
Number of SKS 18 Number of SKS 18


Semester 7 Subject
SKS Semester 8 Subject
Technology Insights and Applications 3 Industrial Process Design + TB 3
Metallurgical Extraction and Purification Process + P 3 Final Assignment 6
Production Management 4 Option 3 * Enrichment 3
Composite Material 3 Option 1 3
Job Training 2 Option 2 3
Inspection without Risk and Damage Based 3 Number of SKS 18
Number of SKS 18


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In the Undergraduate Program there are 4 fields of material and metallurgical engineering departments, namely:

  1. Extraction Metallurgy (ME)
  2. Manufacturing Metallurgy (MM)
  3. Corrosion and Failure (KK)
  4. Innovative Materials (MI)

profile of graduates formed by the Department of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy are:

  1. Material Process Techniques
  2. Material Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Material Engineering
  4. Metallurgical Engineering

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