Classrooms Material and Metallurgy Engineering is one facilities provided by the Material and Metallurgy Engineering ITS to learning process. The Department of Material and Metallurgy Engineering also provides a facility lcd, slates and stopcontact to bolster the smooth learning process

Being course with excellence, global competence in engineering and technology to encourage the development of science and technology and industry

Produce graduates , research and devotion to the community of quality , high have competence , in the fields of professional engineering and technology the materials and capable of developing a network with industry

Penanggung Jawab :

Nama             : Budi Kasianto, S.Sos

NIP                 : 197001071990031001

Pangkat/Gol : Penata / IIIc

Jabatan          : Kasubbag

Jam Operasional

Senin-Jumat: 07.00 – 18.00

Sabtu, Minggu, dan tanggal merah libur kecuali  ada surat perijinan