Master Degree (S2)

Master Degree (S2)

Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering is under the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya. The Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering has a Vision to be a Department that has excellence, global competence in the field of material engineering and technology to support the development of science and technology and industry. Producing graduates who are of high quality, have high competence, professionals in the field of engineering and materials technology and are able to develop networking with industry is the mission of the Department of Material and Metallurgical Engineering. Especially in processing materials and metals to become a product that can be utilized. Material and Metallurgical Engineering students are prepared to be human beings skilled in designing and analyzing industrial needs, designing project development in a material context that comprehensively combines aspects of IT infrastructure (information technology), such as hardware, software, networks, data, organizational hierarchy, processes and procedures, and not to forget human and cultural resources, and policies and regulations. Students are also provided with basic skills and progress in the application and development of hardware, processing and analyzing data characterization.

Material and Metallurgical Engineering Master Program ITS has a curriculum consisting of compulsory 20 credits (8 courses), 8 credits of elective courses (4 courses), 2 credits of Pre-Thesis / Pre Thesis and 6 credits of Thesis.

Semester 1 Subject
SKS Semester 2 Subject
Material Mechanical Structure and Properties 3 Cast and Metallurgical Las 3
Characterization of Advanced Materials 2 Advanced Material 3
Metallurgical Thermodynamics 2 Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering 2
Modeling of Material Processing Process 2 Elective Course 1 2
Elective Course 1 3 Elective Course 2 2
Number of SKS 12 Number of SKS 12


Semester 3 Subject
SKS Semester 4 Subject
Proposal / Pre Thesis 2 Thesis 6
Elective Course 3 2 Number of SKS 6
Elective Course 4 2
Number of SKS 3


Matakuliah Pilihan
High Temperature Corrosion 2
Extraction Metallurgy 2
Nano Material Technology 2
Wood Mechanics and Composites 2
Advanced Ceramic Material 2
Bio Material 2
Advanced Polymer and Composite Materials 2
Special Topics (Damage and Fault Analysis, Risk Base Inspection, Atomistic Material Modeling, Advanced Powder Metallurgy, Plastic Technology, Advanced Coating Technology) 2 2
Number of SKS 14

Download the Odd Semester 2018/2019 Lecture Schedule here

In the Masters Program in Material and Metallurgical Engineering there are 4 areas of expertise, namely:

  1. Corrosion
  2. Metallurgy
  3. Material Innovation
  4. Material Extraction and Processing


  • Corrosion
  • Metallurgy
  • Innovation Material
  • Extraction and Processing Material

The profile of graduates formed by the Department of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy is:

  1. Material Process Techniques
  2. Manufacturing Material Engineering
  3. Material Engineering
  4. Metallurgical Engineering


  • Material Process Techniques
  • Manufacturing Material Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Metallurgy Engineering