Direktorat Kerjsama dan Pengelolaan Usaha


  1. Energy Efficiency Study (Energy Management Audit) at Kangean Energy Indonesia
  2. Study of the Potential of Renewable Energy from Ocean/River Currents in the Papua and West Papua Regions at PT PLN (Persero) Central Office, Maluku and Papua Regional Development Division
  3. Efficiency and Energy Management Study as Compliance with the Energy Conservation Program at Saka Indonesia Pangkah Limited
  4. Procurement of Consulting Services for the Preparation of Technological Assessment and Performance Study for Solar Power Plants (PLTS) in Semau, NTT, for PT PLN Central Office
  5. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Study at the East Java Operations Facilities at Medco Energy Sampang
  6. Consulting Services for the Development Study of the Arun Gas Terminal Unit in Support of PT Perta Arun Gas’s Multi-Business
  7. Study of the Potential of Renewable Energy (Wind Turbines) in the Coastal Areas of Kotabaru Regency
  8. Energy Audit at PT Pertamina EP
  9. Development of a Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard for the Energy Efficiency and Decarbonization Program at Saka Indonesia Pangkah
  10. Design Study for GTU Reboiler at HCML (Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited)