Direktorat Kerjsama dan Pengelolaan Usaha

Information Technology, Communication, and Robotics

  1. Job Offer for Research and Development of Equipment Prototype for Wind Shear Detection at Airports
  2. Applied Program in the Field of Information and Communication Technology (PRODISTIK)
  3. Development and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology for Infrastructure Development of Internet Networks and Supporting Facilities in E-Government Development
  4. Development of a Prototype for Low-Level Wind Shear Detector Equipment
  5. Consulting Services for Planning the Procurement of Fiber Optic (FO) Network, Information Management, and Development Activities at the Information and Communication Department of Lumajang Regency
  6. Procurement of Consultancy Services for the Design and Construction of a Waste-to-Fuel Crusher Machine Prototype
  7. Design and Construction of a Prototype for Processing Geothermal Brine Deposits into Nano Silica in a Geothermal Field
  8. Implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security Management Application Development at Musamu University