Direktorat Kerjasama dan Pengelolaan Usaha


  1. Assistance services as experts in inspections with the aim of procuring fishing vessels and construction of fishing ports for the 2015 and 2016 academic year
  2. Consultancy services for the procurement of 2 x 1800 HP KAP tugs for the Kuala Tanjung branch
  3. Procurement of consultancy services for the preparation of reliable addendum documents, RKL, and RPL for 500 KV from Gistet Paiton to Gistet Antosari and SUTT 150 KV from GI Antosari to GI Kapal
  4. Self-management activities for the optimization study of LNG ship flag replacement
  5. Provision of simulation of frequent environmental measurement and monitoring
  6. Simulation and experimental studies of hydrogen recovery process based on hydrogen selective membrane technology
  7. Procurement of study services for DED Breakwater Permanent Jetty and Temporary Jetty PT PJB UBJOM PLTU Pacitan
  8. Design innovations for fish carriers with capacities of 200, 300, 600, and 900 GT for the transportation of live and frozen fish