Direktorat Kerjasama dan Pengelolaan Usaha

Brief Profile

Basis Establishment of DKPU

The Directorate of Business Cooperation and Management (DKPU) of ITS was established based on the Regulation of the Chancellor of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology No. 26 of 2019 concerning the Organization and Work Procedures of the Secretaries of Institutes, Directorates, Bureaus, Offices, Libraries, and Units within the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. DKPU ITS is an element of business unit management which includes the management of professional cooperation, assets and independent businesses.


DKPU-ITS as Revenue Generator

As a service agency directly under the control of ITS Vice Chancellor IV, DKPU has a strategic position at ITS because of the function it carries, namely as a revenue generator for ITS.

Basically, ITS’s revenue generator function has been running through various activities within the scope of cooperation in the fields of education, research, community service, professional collaboration, and asset utilization cooperation. However, with the change of ITS into a Legal Entity Higher Education (ITS PTN-BH), the scope of institutional fundraising and management becomes even wider, which is expected to further increase the contribution of Non-APBN and Non-PNBP revenue sources in supporting the implementation Tri Dharma College.

Although it is well realized that the task of the DKPU is very difficult, the DKPU ITS is determined to work as best as possible to serve and cooperate optimally with all existing stakeholders, both within ITS internal and with external parties who have been and will cooperate with ITS. It is hoped that in the future, ITS’s contribution from commercial and supporting businesses will increase.


Function of DKPU-ITS

In carrying out the main tasks given, the ITS DKPU carries out several functions, including:

  1. Institutional fundraising, whether resulting from commercial business activities, professional collaborations, joint asset utilization, and donations.
  2. Professional management of ITS endowment funds.
  3. The development of ITS business activities through the use of discoveries in the field of science and technology in a professional manner.