Direktorat Kerjsama dan Pengelolaan Usaha


ITS Retail & Services

ITS Retail & Services  is a supporting unit that handles retail and services. The services available in ITS Retail & Services include ITS Mart, ITS Press, ITS Merchandise, ITS Cafeteria, and Creative Co-Working Space (CCWS).


ITS Mart

ITS Mart is a retail unit based on a minimarket and cafe concept. The cafe is located right above ITS Mart and can be used by students for spend time together.


ITS Press

ITS Press was established and officially designated on July 15th 1989, through Rector's Decree No. 2761/PT12.H/N/1989 regarding the Formation of the ITS Printing Unit. Initially, this unit was established to meet the internal needs of the institute by providing a facility that serves the field of printing and publishing within ITS. Its activities are closely related to the production and publication of scientific journals, ITS news, textbooks, general printing, academic reports, providing printing media for education and research.


ITS Merchandise

Provides various kinds of ITS merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, hats, umbrellas, etc.


ITS Canteen

ITS Canteen is a favorite place to eat. ITS Canteen consists of a central canteen and a unit canteen.


Creative Co-Working Space (CCWS) ITS

Creative Co-working Space (CCWS) ITS is a new facility designed with the comfortable ambiance of a café, provided by ITS for ITS students to facilitate self-development, creativity, and learning. This new learning space, located on the first floor of the ITS Library, was made possible with the support of the ITS Student’s Parent Association (IKOMA).

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