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There are many choices of places to enjoy food on the ITS campus. The two largest are the Central Canteen and the Student Dormitory Canteen, besides that there are also unit canteens in each department.

ITS Canteen applies the concept of HBH (Halal, Clean (Bersih) , and Hygienic)

Currently the canteen at ITS is starting to apply the concept of HBH (Halal, Clean (Bersih), and Hygenic), which means,


Food and drinks that are allowed to be eaten according to the provisions of Islamic law.


The canteen environment is clean, beautiful, comfortable, neat, and free of germs.


Efforts/actions to maintain cleanliness and health by carrying out early maintenance of all individuals and influencing environmental factors.


ITS Canteen Tenant Requirements

All tenants in the ITS canteen are required to have an NIB (Business Identification Number) and are directed to pocket the SJH (Halal Assurance System)

The following are some pictures of unit canteens, both the central canteen and canteen in department at ITS. Each canteen consists of several stands that can be rented by the general public at a certain price to sell their products, both in the form of food and drinks.


Canteen of Central ITS


Canteen of Vocation Faculty


Canteen of Civil Engineering Department


Canteen of Biology Department


Canteen of Informatics Department

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