Direktorat Kerjasama dan Pengelolaan Usaha

Earth, Disasters, and Climate Change

  1. Simulation and experimental studies of the hydrogen recovery process based on the Hydrogen Selective Membrane technology
  2. Making a thematic map of the area outside the map of the affected area of the Sidoarjo mud control center
  3. Carrying out activities for making regional thematic maps outside the map of affected areas, the Implementing Agency for the Sidoarjo Mud Management Agency
  4. Tsunami disaster risk mapping study activities
  5. Microzonation of the building’s vulnerability index to earthquake vibrations (case study: Pare sub-district, Kediri district microzonation, East Java)
  6. Disaster risk analysis and strategy for managing the Sidoarjo mud disaster
  7. Development of a tsunami early warning system
  8. Earthquake-resistant smart building development
  9. Assessment of water absorption ability