Vibration and Acoustics

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory in Department of Engineering Physics, ITS learn about the phenomena of sounc and vibration, including human hearing system and its applications e.g. speech shynthesis, noise mapping, vibration analysis, and many more.

Beside research, Vibrastic lab also provides consultation about vibrations and acoustics, including indoor acoustics, vibrations analysis, speech shynthesis, so that Vibrastic lab is able to compete with another professional consultant.

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory is certified as LBE (Lab Based Education) by JICA through ITS – Preditc2 JICA Project.

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Suyanto, S.T., M.T.


The faculty members of the laboratory are:

  • Ir. Wiratno Argo Asmoro, M.Sc.
  • Dr. Dhany Arifianto, S.T., M.Eng.
  • Irwansyah, S.T., M.T., M.Phil., Ph.D.
  • Bagus Tris Atmaja, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.
  • Signal and Speech Processing
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Speech Recognition
  • Binaural Hearing
  • Choclear Implant
  • Architechtural Acoustics
  • Vibration


The labworks supported by this lab are :

  • Vibration
  • Acoustics
  • Building Physics


Lab assistants and all students who take Vibration and Acoustics specialization have to join the upgrading, as a tool to practice the competence of:

  • EASE
  • Dialux
  • Google Sketchup
  • Autocad Autodesk
  • MathCAD
  • etc.

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratoryis equipped with :

  • Anechoic Room
  • Sound Level Meter (Calibrated by LIPI)
  • Semi Anechoic Aquarium for “Underwater Acoustic”
  • Free Field array Microphone and Accelerometer (with DAQ and Labview by National Instrument)
  • Impedance Tube for Material Transmission Loss and impedance test
  • Luxmeter

Laboratory Equipments

No. equipment Function
1. Sound Level Meter (SLM) Measuring intensity of sound
2. Lux Meter Measuring intensity of light
3. Anechoic Room Acoustics-conditioned room
4. Dodecahedron Speaker Omni Directional sound transmitter
5. Accelerometer Measuring and analyze vibration
6. Sound Level Meter Calibrator To calibrate the measurement of SLM
7. DAQ (Data Acquistition) Data acquiaition tools for accelerometer dan Microphone Array
8. Microphone Array Acoustic analyzer
9. Impedance Tube Material loss and impendance tester
10. Sound Card Connector of Mic and Hidrophone
11. Stroboscope Measuring rotation-per-minute

Acoustics Material Testing

  1. Sound transmission class testing
  2. Material absorbtion coefficient testing (sound absorbtion)
  3. Transmission loss testing
  4. Measurement  of reverberation time
  5. Design / redesign of acoustic quality
  6. Noise mapping

Vibration analysis

  1. Ground vibration
  2. Structural vibration
  3. Vibration analysis for predictive maintenance

Lighting system Design and Analysis

  1. Light intensity measurement (Lux)
  2. Natural and artificial lighting
  3. Indoor lighting
  4. Roadway lighting
  5. Sport center / stadium lighting

Building Physics

  1. Water absorbtion testing
  2. Thermal conductivity testing
  3. Fire resistant testing

Some collaborative research has been done by the Vibrastic Lab and industrial company, private institution, and government :

  • Steam Turbine noise detection (PT. Linde Indonesia Group)
  • Transmission Loss testing of Light Concrete (PT. Indogreen, BPPT)
  • Material Vibration testing (BPPT)
  • Underwater transmission loss of a material
  • Noise mapping of train transportation mode (PT. INKA)
  • Mining area noise measurement (JOB-PPEJ Bojonegoro)
  • Redesign to increase indoor acoustic quality :
  • Masjid Manarul Ilmi, ITS
  • Masjid Agung AL-AKBAR, Surabaya
  • Juanda Airport Hotel, Surabaya
  • Conference Call room P3AI, ITS
  • Conference Call room, Electrical Engineering Dept, ITS
  • Graha Sepuluh Nopember, ITS

Website    :

Location   : E-101 Building, Dept. of Engineering Physics,

Faculty of Industrial Engineering, ITS Surabaya

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