Regulations and Information

Information Center about Academic Activities in Department of Engineering Physics

Department of Engineering Physics has applied effective rules to support academic activities from bachelor to doctoral degree. not only academic rules, laboratory safety and SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) must be obliged at all times. There are some categories to these regulations :

  1. Academic regulation
  2. Internship regulations
  3. Final project / Thesis defense regulations
  4. Dissertation regulations
  5. Yudisium
  6. Engineering Standard Comprehension test

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Information for Submitting Online’s Letters for Student

Based on letter from vice rector for academics and student affairs at November 19, 2020, Directorate of Education ITS open an Online Student Letter service. Some of the letters served include:

  1. Active student letter
  2. Application letter for temporarily study (download form)
  3. Application letter for resignation (download form)
  4. Application for Student Card (KTM Substitute) for students from the batch before 2015

Students can access the “Student Letter Service” menu on the SIM Academic ITS. The procedure for submitting these letters is by printing them through their respective integrated accounts, after previously obtaining approval from the Directorate of Education Officer, and as a requirement for the completeness of learning administration.


N.B. :

  1. For several types of letters that are not served through the SIM Academic (by the Directorate Education ITS), they will still be served locally through the Administration of the Engineering Physics Department, which can be uploaded at the link for types of recommendation letters, signature requests Head of Head and request for data collection.
  2. Contact person for mail services at the Administration of the Engineering Physics Department: Kamsun and Descia

For online mail application service can read below


Media and regulations

Understanding the academic regulation of Engineering Physics as preparation for a clear pathway to the future

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