Academic Facilities

The facilities in Department of Engineering Physics ITS are continuously being developed every year to fulfill academic necessity. It is realized that having sufficiently equipped campus leads to better education. Until mid-2017, some building is still under construction to add some facilities to the department.

Department of Engineering Physics is located in C and P building, also 1st and 2nd floor of E building on Sukolilo Campus, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. The total area covers 4000 m2 and used for both academic activity and administrative purposes. The main academic rooms open from 7 am – 10 pm five days a week.

Classrooms equipped with white board, OHP (overhead projector), air conditioning and CCTV to crate a comfortable learning environment. Department of Engineering Physics is eco-campus means that trees grow in the surrounding area and there are lots of outdoor bench where students can learn under a shady tree. In ITS, the whole campus is wifi-covered, and people can have best internet access in library or laboratories. For praying and other spiritual purposes, a musholla ia available in the area of Department of Engineering Physics, besides Manarul Ilmi Mosque of ITS. The canteen provides food and drinks for everyone.

Some of the learning facilities are library and laboratories. The reference books for library and laboratory equipments are updated and upgraded to improve student`s learning ability and to help students fo their final project. For the last 3 years, the library collection increased by 473 books, 11% from PHKI Tema B, 40% from alumnae, 30% from SPP/DPP, and the rest somes from the student`s fee. Meanwhile, laboratory equipments funded by PHKI, SPP/DPP, and private funding/sponsor.

The lecturer rooms occupy the 2nd floor of C and P building, with total 36 rooms on 288 m2, excluding head and secretary of study program. These rooms have a function as workspace, consultation room, discussion room, and everyting work-related. Every laboratory also has the room for head of laboratory.

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