Meeting and Seminar Room

Meeting and Seminar room in the Department of Engineering Physics are facilities available for various purpose, including local to international meeting. The room is famously known as Ruang Sidang Sarjana, Ruang Seminar Pascasarjana, and Ruang Sidang Pascasarjana. The rooms are acceessible to department/institution following some conditions. The common use of the meeting and seminar room are :

  1. General management meeting
  2. General hearing of graduation
  3. Student`s Thesis defense
  4. Doctoral candidation defense
  5. Workshop and seminar
  6. Guest lecture (national & international)
  7. Competition / Academic showcase
  8. Accreditation and certification
  9. Open-talk

The use of meeting and seminar room is only on department`s office hours, 07.00 – 16.00 except there are certain conditions

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