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There are activities organised either by Department board or Student Council to support the education in Engineering Physics Department ITS

Self Development

There are training programs to increase student`s knowledge and soft skills organized by ITS Student Union.  Some examples are Scientific Writing workshops, Basic Media schooling, Entrepreneurship training, Religion-related activities, Management training, etc.

FKMTF (Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Teknik Fisika / Engineering Physics Student Forum)

To join other organization / student union inside or outside ITS for sharing or having a project together. One form of collaboration is Engineering Physics Student Forum, where representative from all Indonesian universities with engineering physics study program set up a conference to discuss latest issues.

Guest Lecture and Workshops

Department of Engineering Physics has invited many speakers from Alumni, Professionals or Academics in the Guest Lecture. It gives insight of what to expect in industrial world, also the opportunities ahead. The Lecturers of Internationally recognized universities also visit to share their recent researches.

Aside from the visit, the students also organize a Company Visit to many industrial locations in Indonesia in the form of Excursion Studies.

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