ITS Facilities

One of the facilities provided by ITS to develop student interest and talent is the library. This building is located next to Dr. Angka building. The library has enormous collection of books, starting from main references, magazine, newspaper, to the collection of thesis.


Medical Center is unit of medical services in ITS, as proof os ITS` concern to the health of its student, lecturers, staffs, and surrounding society. Medical Center ITS formed since 2006, as the development of Balai Pengobatan ITS (BP ITS) built since 1982.


Freshman does not need to worry about living quarters since ITS provide dormitories inside campus. In sukolilo campus, there are 10 dormitory buildings with full supporting facilities.


Manarul Ilmi Mosque stand tall in front of ITS Rectorat occupying 2.458 meter square areas. Besides as praying area, there are facilities to support spiritual building, like Islamic library, Rebana, and Ramadhan events.


ITS has several sport facilities for extracurricular activities. All facilities is free to used by civitas academica of ITS. We have soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and others.


ITS Center of Language and Culture (CLC) support students to learn about languages and culture. CLC provides English competence course and testing for any institute member, also Indonesian courses for international students.

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