Department of Engineering Physics has a commitment to provide best education for both theory and practical skills. The laboratories support students to experience and train the engineering skills.

Laboratories are mainly used as teaching and learning facilities to support the theories learned in classroom. Laboratories are also a tool to introduce the real industrial instruments to the students. Most laboratories are open 24 hours during weekedays and organized by the senior-year students appointed as lab asistants. Besides as learning facility, the lab is also used as research facility, where the students do their final projects or joint research with the faculty.

No Laboratory size (m2) capacity (students)
1  Instrumentation and Control Laboratory 85 50
2  Energy Engineering and Environmental  Conditioning Laboratory 99,5 50
3  Materials Engineering  Laboratory 81 20
4  Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory 72,75 30
5  Photonics Engineering Laboratory 55,25 20
6  Physical Measurement Laboratory 60 20
7  Physics Engineering Laboratory 136 70
8  Simulation and Computation Laboratory 90 50
9  Instrumentation Workshop 304.5 80