Advanced Functional Materials

Materials Engineering Laboratory is the facility for studying and teaching, research, and community outreach in the field of material engineering. This lab learns about material science including the development and application of composition, structure, processing, and characterization of material. The analysis of material for certain system is also learned both by experiment and simulation.

Several topics become the focus of research, e.g. electronic devices, semiconductors, gas sensors, and corrotion,

Head of Laboratory : Dr.-Ing. Doty Dewi Risanti, ST., M.T.


No. equipments Function
1. Furnace/Oven (Tubular Chamber) Heat treatment max. 14000C
2. Strain gage series strain gage measurement
3. Digital Scale Mass measurement
4. Sonohard Hardness measurement
5. Torsion Testing Machine Torque sensing
6. JT Toksi Metal Speciment Polishing Machine Metallography process
7. Stereomicroscope Metallography process
8. Waterproof conductivitymeter Electrical conductivity of liquid

Laboratory activities :

  • Labworks
  • Upgrading of lab assistant
  • Research
  • Study Club
  • Instrument loaning
  • Consultation
  • DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells)
  • Composite
  • Polymer
  • Supercondukcor
  • Corrosion