Vision and Mission


Becoming an internationally recognized department in developing the science and technology based on engineering physics disciplines.


Missions of the Department of Engineering Physics vary from the aspects of education, research, to community service (Tridharma of Higher Education), including:

  1. To conduct an excellent education in the engineering physics discipline in order to develop qualified graduates with the ability to compete globally
  2. To conduct researches in the engineering physics discipline for better human life
  3. To serve community/society and supporting the development of engineering physics discipline
  4. To expand the networking for quality enhancement of engineering physics professions
  5. To develop and uphold academic morality and professional ethics of engineering physics
  6. To conduct management activities of learning/teaching, researches, and services in the department complying economic and accountability principles


  1. To deliver intelligent graduates through international standardized Engineering Physics education and teaching
  2. To create research applications in science and technology based on Engineering Physics which contributes in the improvement of community welfare
  3. To generate relevant and qualified contribution in solving society problem to support national development
  4. To achieve networking cooperation in the scope of national and international to increase the professional qualification of Engineering Physics alumni.
  5. To cultivate a conductive academic culture to uphold morale and professional ethics of Engineering Physics
  6. To operate professional, accountable, and transparent managerial system
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