Energy and Environmental Engineering

In line with the direction of energy technology development in the world, Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratories develop renewable energy technologies, both from wind, water, solar and bioenergy energy, supported by energy management research carried out as an energy conservation effort. The Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory is also developing the field of environmental conditioning with the aim of creating energy-efficient buildings without leaving the comfort aspect of the occupants.

The Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory houses several courses, both basic engineering courses and design courses including: thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, Energy Conversion and Conservation Engineering (Design) and Thermal Comfort Engineering (Design), supported by various elective courses are offered. A conducive learning climate through the existence of Energy Study Groups or Kelompok Studi Energi (KSE) which encourages students to continue to develop, with various scientific development activities, research and community service.

Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratories play an active role in community service programs, including the general public, community and industry.


Head of Laboratory: Gunawan Nugroho, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.


The faculty members of the laboratory are::

  • Dr. Ridho Hantoro, S.T., M.T.
  • Ir. Sarwono, M.M.
  • Dr.Eng. Nur Laila Hamida, S.T., M.Sc.
  • (Dr cand.) Erna Septyaningrum, S.T., M.T.

Each member of the laboratory is required to follow a roadmap (ROADMAP) for both research and non-research activities. The Roadmap contained in the Laboratory is divided into 3 (three) main focuses, namely New Renewable Energy, Energy Conversion and Energy Conservation. The things that will be studied in the lab, both theoretical and practical, include thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, etc.

To facilitate students in doing their final project according to their field of interest, each lecturer has a research topic while still referring to the main roadmap of the Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory.

Practicum :

In order to support the academic activities of ITS Engineering Physic students, a practicum is held to strengthen their understanding of theory and practice. The practicum organized by the Energy and Environmental Conditioning Laboratory is for courses in Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion and Conservation System Engineering.


Open Lab :

Open Laboratory (Open Lab) aims to introduce everything about Energy Engineering and Environmental Conditioning laboratories to Engineering Physic students, including areas of interest to be studied, laboratory equipment, simulations and research that is being and has been carried out in the Lab.

Seminar :


Seminar Icorer

International Conference on Renewable Energy Research & Challenge (ICORER) 2019 is a seminar and symposium related to energy, which is accompanied by a green energy exhibition. ICORER 2019 collaborates with the Regional Conference on Energy Engineering (RCEneE) – AUN/SEED-Net. This activity aims to serve as a forum for researchers, academics and experts who want to present their ideas and research results, as well as establish further research collaborations in the development of renewable energy. ICORER invites many stakeholders to discuss and formulate solutions to overcome the challenges of implementing sustainable renewable energy in Indonesia.



INNERGY (Innovative Energy) 2020 is a national seminar that discusses the need for green energy and the condition of new and renewable energy. The targets are academics and the general public so that they can provide useful insights and knowledge about the development of new and renewable energy technology in Indonesia, in order to welcome the Industrial Revolution 4.0 for new and renewable energy 2025.

The objectives to be achieved in this activity are:

  1. Provide insight into the needs and conditions of new and renewable energy in Indonesia.
  1. Increase understanding of the development of new energy technologies and renewable in Indonesia.

Community Service


           PLTS PAITON 1




  • VORTEX TURBINE  (Mendalan)



The laboratory provides following public services :


No. Jenis Layanan
1. Energy conservation in industry, institution, etc.
2. Energy potential survey
3. Manufacturing/Installation of energy converter
4. Thermal comfort engineering in industry
5. Energy-saver incenerator
6. Photovoltaic installation
7. Ansys simulation
8. Energy Audit
9. Biogas plant installation



No. Nama Peralatan Fungsi
1.  Conductimeter Measurement of thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient
2.  Intensitymeter Measuring sun radiation intensity and heat intensity
3.  Radiation meter Measuring sun/matter radiation
4.  Tachometer Measuring rotation speed
5.  Pressure meter Measuring fluid flow pressure
6.  Energy meter Measuring energy efficiency in industry
7.  Boom Calorimeter Measuring calorie of fuels
8.  Wind Tunnel Model fluid distribution and laminarity of a flow
9.  AC Laboratory Unit Air comfort conditioning
10.  Heat Exchanger Unit Fluid flow simulator
11.  Solar Thermal Unit Photovoltaic experiments
12.  Digital Clamp Meter Measuring current and voltage


Contacts :

Email            :

Instagram    : @kse_tf

Location       : Room E-204 Department of Engineering Physics

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