With The Most Number Funded, ITS Successfully Passed Seven Teams at 2020 KBMI

Sat, 27 Nov 2021
1:38 am
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Potret karya mahasiswa ITS yang berhasil didanai di KBMI 2020, Scammics (atas) dan Use IT (bawah)

Portraits of ITS students’ innovations that were successfully funded at 2020 KBMI, Scammics (above) and Use IT (below)

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continued to strive to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and ecosystem within ITS. The results was seen with the passing of seven ITS teams in the Business Management Activities for Indonesian Students (commonly shortened to KBMI), that was organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) through the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs.

Arief Abdurrakhman, S.T., M.T., Sub-Directorate Head of Entrepreneurship and Career Development under the Directorate of ITS Student Affairs, revealed that KBMI is a reputed program that has been running since 2017 with the initial name of the Indonesian Student Business Competition.

According to Arief, KBMI itself is a manifestation of the principles of Kampus Merdeka. Aimed to grow the entrepreneurial spirit and abilities of students in Indonesia. “This is in order to be able to compete globally by optimizing national competence,” he stated.

For the 2020 KBMI, Arief revealed ITS submitted 10 business proposals, which fulfilled the maximum quota for submissions. The proposal sent is the best result of the internal selection conducted by the ITS entrepreneurship team. From a total of 30 teams submitting the title, 10 best teams were selected to advance to KBMI.

Amongst the 10 teams that competed, there were a total of seven ITS proposal titles that successfully passed for funding. The seven titles that passed were (1) Venra, a Digital Startup Provider of Business Solutions Through a Technology Approach to Support SMEs Toward the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0; (2) Use IT: Waste Buying and Selling Business Platform to Facilitate Industry in Waste Treatment; (3) DAVE.ID: Online Marketplace for Muslim Culture Fashion with a Pattern of Global Culture with Product Customization Features; (4) “JAVA DRONE” 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Mapping as Business Geospatial Service Providers in Indonesia; (5) BUMI IBOE; (6) Scammics: Eco-friendly Ceramics from Green Shells and Corn Cobs Waste; and (7) Hermill: Animal Feed Based on Black Maggot Soldier Fly That is Environmentally-Friendly, Quality Guaranteed, and Economical Price.

Arief continued that with a total percentage of 70 percent of the teams that passed, ITS became one of the campuses with the most funded teams. This is inseparable from the role of the ITS entrepreneurship team which continued to encourage ITS to achieve.

One of the methods of encouragement was also by providing guidance to 10 advanced teams for a week. The guidance is in the form of giving knowledge about proposals, entrepreneurial mindset, and also the field of business. “This is motivated because ITS as a PTN BH can be morally responsible by providing an example in terms of coaching entrepreneurship programs,” explained this lecturer of the ITS Instrumentation Engineering Department.

Arief Abdurrakhman ST MT, Kepala Subdirektorat Pengembangan Kewirausahaan dan Karir Direktorat Kemahasiswaan ITS

Arief Abdurrakhman, S.T., M.T., Head of the Sub-Directorate for Entrepreneurship and Career Development under the Directorate of ITS Student Affairs

Arief revealed that actually, ITS students are obligated thus needed to take part in this competition, so they can compete nationally with other campuses. Armed with good human resources and institutions, this was a mandate which must be interpreted in a competition like this.

Arief’s hope for the selected students advanced to KBMI was that they would be able to make the most of this moment. Gain as much knowledge as possible from the guidance and mentoring of experts such as academics and practitioners who are experts in their fields. “Because this year is equipped with many activities and a lot of companions,” he conveyed.

After the competition ends, Arief hoped that their entrepreneurial activities can continue. According to him, what we call a business is not just something that stops on the table, stage, or a charter. Entrepreneurial innovation and creativity continue. “Because the real competition is when battling with competitors in the real world, winning in the real world by becoming a leader in the midst of many competitors,” he emphasized.

Arief then invited all elements of ITS to build a good entrepreneurial culture together. Because the true choice of career is not only as a job seeker but also as a job creator or what we call an entrepreneur. (naj/ory/ITS Public Relations)

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