FUNCTION: ELECTICS BEM Fundamental Briefing

Mon, 04 Oct 2021
2:20 pm
Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology

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Head of BEM FTEIC, Indra Windnyana explained the Strategic Plan of BEM FTEIC in FUNCTION 2021

Fundamental or a strong foundation is needed by student organizations (Ormawa) to be able to carry out their duties and functions in the organization’s adaptation process. Therefore, the fundamental insight of ormawa is an important insight for students as a means of self-development in the managerial field. To facilitate this, the Student Executive Board of the Intelligent Electrical and Informatics Technology Faculty (BEM FTEIC) held Fundamental Education (FUNCTION) which provided Ormawa fundamental intelligence to all FTEIC students last Friday (10/9).

The head of BEM FTEIC, Indra Widnyana explained that it turned out that many students were still unfamiliar with BEM TEIC fundamentals. Indra explained that this was caused by the absence of exposure to the FTEIC BEM fundamentals in each student’s department. “This is important for students who want to develop in ormawa activities,” he said.

Therefore, Indra continued, it is necessary to introduce, discuss, and understand the fundamentals of BEM FTEIC ITS which will be realized through fundamental intelligence activities for all FTEIC students. The FUNCTION activity which was held virtually through a zoom meeting is an open forum that contains an explanation of the fundamentals of BEM FTEIC ITS such as AD/ART, Strategic Plan, and Directions for Social Movement. In addition, there is also a question and answer session on each material so that forum participants get a good understanding of the fundamentals of BEM FTEIC ITS.

The Articles of Association / Bylaws or AD / ART are the main guidelines for BEM FTEIC ITS in running the organization. This was ratified on April 2, 2021, in accordance with the MTTF Decree No.004/TAP/MTTP III/FTEIC-ITS/IV/2021.

The direction of the Sosmas Movement is a general guideline for the ITS FTEIC BEM in guarding the social movements of the community at FTEIC ITS. This was ratified on April 3, 2021, under the MTTF Decree No. 005/TAP/MTTF III?FTEIC-ITS/IV/2021.

The Strategic Plan or Strategic Plan of the ITS BEM 2021-2025 was ratified on April 3, 2021, under the MTTF Decree No. 006/TAP/MTTF/FTEIC-ITS/IV/2021. There is great hope that BEM FTEIC ITS 2021-2025 can realize its vision and mission following its strategic plan.

FUNCTION has been successfully held attended by more than 90 participants from ITS FTEIC students. By holding this activity, it is hoped that it will equip FTEIC ITS students who want to develop themselves in student organization activities or in the managerial field.

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