Student Council

The Physics Engineering Student Association (HMTF) is a forum provided by the Department for the development of student activities in the FTI-ITS Physics Engineering Department. In running the organizational wheel, get facilities such as the HMTF secretariat room and operational funds in accordance with the HMTF work program after obtaining approval from the Department. Because of its nature to accommodate student activities in the Department, HMTF works under the guidance of the TKK team which is appointed and dismissed by the Department Chair. With the supervision of the TKK, every activity carried out by HMTF must be known and authorized by the TKK team. The main scope of HMTF activities concerns the understanding and improvement of the Engineering Physics profession.

Vision of HMTF

The realization of HMTF ITS as a professional engineering physics-based organization, which is independent, creative, dynamic, and beneficial for the almamater and the nation based on the value of the Almighty God and the spirit of solidarity together forever

Missions of HMTF

  1. Fostering faith and devotion to God
  2. Building leadership attitude and self-integrity for all HMTF
  3. Enhance and foster good relations with all HMTF ITS stakeholders
  4. Developing the potential of HMTF ITS members in managerial and scientific fields
  5. Developing the sensitivity and active role of HMTF in national issues and the development of science and technology based on professionalism

Outline of Work (GBHK) HMTF

Field of Student Resource Development

  1. Carry out the implementation, control and transparency that is sustainable at each stage of the PPSDM HMTF ITS.
  2. Organizing a critical attitude & religious values, leadership, nationality and entrepreneurship spirit in the development of Engineering Physics students
  3. Hold a container & development of foreign language skills, journalistic interests, & interest in the sport of ITS Engineering Physics residents.

Professional Field

  1. Hold intelligence on Physics Engineering professional competence & understanding the actual issues in question, as well as coordinating with parties inside and outside the scope of ITS to procure professional activities.

Student Welfare Field

  1. Hold support capacity in terms of improving academic, financial & health quality in the form of information or activities.

Field of Research and Technology

  1. Hold support capacity for the work of Physics Engineering Students in the field of scholarship.
  2. Conduct the application of professional physics-based technology applications.

Internal Organization

  1. Organizing the basic constitutional intelligence in HMTF ITS & the scope of KM ITS.
  2. Organize measurable & structured organizational management at HMTF
  3. Doing efforts to support and develop the financial independence of the organization by preparing HMTF ITS independent business analysis and strategic plans.

Field of Outside Organizational Relations

  1. Establish & build relationships with External HMTF ITS Stakeholders
  2. Maintain & improve relations with External HMTF ITS Stakeholders.
  3. Building relationships between stakeholders of HMTF ITS to meet the needs of ITS Physics Engineering students
  4. Hold the branding of the ITS Physics Engineering Department through the procurement of the event.

Field of Communication and Information

  1. Hold communication & information on HMTF ITS stakeholders to build a positive image & dynamize HMTF ITS through information media.
  2. Archiving all forms of forums relating to HMTF ITS with transparency that can be accounted for.

Community Affairs

  1. Holds the planting of values ​​of social care based on professional Physics that is sustainable for Engineering Physics Students
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