The Overview of Internship

Engineering Physics Education in line with the development of higher education in Indonesia from time to time always requires structuring, consolidation and development in accordance with the nature of education itself. At present the impetus for the need for a competency-based curriculum in Higher Education circles is rolled out by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with various references to choose from, even if it needs to be modified according to the wishes and abilities of universities. On the other hand, the change in the direction of education in ITS which is not only directed at fulfilling industrial needs, will directly color the 2004/2009 Curriculum – Physics Engineering Study Program, primarily in the way teaching material is delivered by educators. Therefore, the Work Activities which are the first place for students to deal with the world of work need to be prepared in various Forms of KP programs and students who have an understanding of Physics Engineering Professional Work Behavior.

The planting of Physics Engineering Professionals through minimal Lecturers and search efforts for more precise & appropriate Job Training locations depends on the ability of students, clearly not supporting the achievement of the Job Training program. The offer of work in the form of OJT (On the Job Training) and Co-Op (Co-Operative Academic Education) which requires “Hard Skill” and those who demand “Soft Skill”, are not actually good offers for in demand. Thus in order to prepare students who have an understanding of the behavior of professional works of Physics Engineering with the contents of Hard-Skill & Soft-Skill, cooperation between Sie is needed. Job Training with Sie. Teaching, TKK-Department / SAC ITS, Lecturer Guardian and Lecturer Development Lecturer who are able to insert the Professional Behavior of Engineering Physics.

The guidance book of internship could be downloaded in the following: Internship Guide-book

The proposal template of internship could be found as follows: Proposal Template

The report template of internship could be found as follows: Report Template

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