Engineering studies do not stop Engineering Physics students from engaging themselves in a lot of activities, from academic to extracurricular ones. Being part of a community is important to enlarge the circle of friendship. Also, to have fun !

Arts and Sports

Kluntung TF

It is an obligation to the people to conserve the culture, and the heritage of Indonesia. Kluntung is a traditional music community, that plays Angklung – one of Indonesian traditional music instruments – with modern touch to keep it interesting to young generations.

Futsal, Basketball, dan Badminton

Besides the official sport organizations in ITS, Engineering Physics students can join the department team to have routine training facilitated by the health and sport department of student council.

Self Development

There are training programs to increase student`s knowledge and soft skills organized by ITS Student Union.  Some examples are Scientific Writing workshops, Basic Media schooling, Entrepreneurship training, Religion-related activities, Management training, etc.

Competition and Achievement

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember is a very competitive engineering institution that every student has opportunities to compete, whether in academic, research, or extracurricular activities. ITS recognize every talent and achievement the student give.

Community Outreach

Engineering Physics students contribute themselves for the benefit of the society through education, culture, and technology. For example is giving free teaching program for elementary student around campus, social service, and technology application like building a biogas reactor, planting a microhydro, powerplant, and many more.

Togetherness and Recreational

Inside or outside campus activity for fun.


To join other organization / student union inside or outside ITS for sharing or having a project together. One form of collaboration is Engineering Physics Student Forum, where representative from all Indonesian universities with engineering physics study program set up a conference to discuss latest issues.

Scientific Development

Department of Engineering Physics has invited many speakers from Alumni, Professionals or Academics in the Guest Lecture. It gives insight of what to expect in industrial world, also the opportunities ahead. The Lecturers of Internationally recognized universities also visit to share their recent researches.

Aside from the visit, the students also organize a Company Visit to many industrial locations in Indonesia in the form of Excursion Studies.

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