Curriculum and Module Handbook


Biomedical engineering can be defined as a multidisciplinary field as a harmonious combination of several engineering fields applied in the fields of medicine and health care. Biomedical engineering is basically an integration of the fields of Engineering and the Field of Medicine and Health Care. As a multidisciplinary field, synergies from various scientific fields have a role in the design, development and use of materials, and medical equipment. In addition, it also plays a role in producing methods such as measurement and detection techniques, signal processing techniques and biomedical imagery, the use of artificial intelligence for diagnosis, and others. The role continues to grow in terms of quantity and quality, and at the research level as well as at the level of clinical application in the field.

Curriculum formation stages:

Semester ISemester II
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
UG1841xxMathematics 13UG1842xxMathematics 23
UG1841xxPhysics 14UG1842xxPhysics 23
EB184101Anatomy and Physiology3UG1842xxChemistry3
EW184101Introduction to Electrical Technology2UG1842xxNational Language2
EW184102Programming Basics3EW184201Electric Circuits2
Semester IIISemester IV
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
EB184301Fundamentals of Bioelectrochemistry3EB184401Fundamentals of Signal Processing4
EB184302Probability and Statistics2EB184402Fundamentals of Control Systems and Laboratory4
EB184303Basic Electronics and Laboratory4EB184403Fundamentals of Biomechanics3
EB184304Engineering Mathematics3EB184404Electric System in Biomedical Application2
EB184305Communication System Basics and Laboratory3EB184405Digital Techniques and Laboratory4
EB184306Advanced Electric Circuits and Laboratory3EW184901Numerical Methods3
Semester VSemester VI
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
EB184501Fundamentals of Microcontroller and Microprocessor3UG1846xxTechnopreneurship2
EB184502Biomedical Sensors and Transducers3EB184601Biomagnetic Engineering3
EB184503Biomedical Instrumentations and Laboratory3EB184602Project Design4
EB184504Biomedical Signal Processing and Laboratory3EB184603Fundamentals of Intelligent Systems3
EB184505Biomaterials3EB184604Microelectronic System in Biomedical Applications3
EB184506Biomodelling3EB184605Biomedical Imaging3
Semester VIISemester VIII
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
UG1847xxTechnology Concepts3EB184801Human-Machine Interaction3
EB184701Biocybernetics3EB184802Nonstationary Signal Analysis3
EB184702Preliminary of Final Project2EB184803Final Project4
EB184703Internship2EB184804Clinical Engineering2
Elective Course 13Elective Course 13
Elective Course 23Related Course3
Elective Courses
A. Intelligent Biomedical InstrumentationB. Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
EB184901Design of Intelligent Biomedical Instrumentation Systems3EB184904Assistive and Walfare Technologies3
EB184902Telemedicine Systems3EB184905Medical Robotics3
EB184903Decision Support Based Diagnosis Systems3EB184906Rehabilitation Engineering3
C. Medical Imaging and Medical Image ProcessingD. Medical Informatics
Course NumberCourse NameCreditsCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
EB184907Medical Ultrasonic Imaging3EB184910Medical Infromation Management3
EB184908Medical Image Processing3EB184911Medical Database and Optimization3
EB184909Multimodal Biomedical Image Analysis3EB184912Genomic Computation3