Greeting From Head Of Department

Dr. Achmad Arifin, S.T., M.Eng.

ITS Biomedical Engineering is an department-level institution in ITS that organizes education and research processes and community service in accordance with the high school thridarma, in the field of Biomedical Engineering that explores technology for health services focused on four main areas consisting of:

  1. Intelligent Biomedical Instrumentation
  2. Assistive Technology & Rehablitation Engineering
  3. Biomedical Imaging & Image Processing
  4. Medical Informatics

The development of human resources in the education process we pack in an integrated education approach that combines

  1. Exploration: intellectual interest and knowledge
  2. Leadership: organizational and business skills
  3. Development of attitude, mentality

We invite the young generation to join us in ITS Biomedical Engineering forging themselves in and contributing through the field of Biomedical engineering.

Scientific contributions from and innovations from our research enrich health technology and are ready to color Indonesia’s role amid global competition.