Research Field

Biomedical techniques can be defined as a multidisciplinary field as a harmonious combination of several technical fields applied in the fields of medicine and health care. Biomedical Engineering is basically an integration of the fields of Engineering and the Field of Medical Science and Health Care. As a multidisciplinary field, synergies from various scientific fields have a role in the design, development and use of materials, and medical equipment. It also plays a role in generating methods such as measurement and detection techniques, signal processing techniques and biomedical imagery, the use of artificial intelligence for diagnosis, and others. This role continues to grow in terms of quantity and quality, and at the level of research and at the level of clinical applications in the field. The related fields that support the field of Biomedical Engineering are illustrated in the figure below. The combination of various fields of science produces research fields that continue to evolve to date which include:

1. Biomodeling
2. Biomedical signal analysis
3. Design of Biomemdika Instrumentation System
4. Biosensor Development
5. Prosthetic equipment development
6. Biomaterial
7. Development of artificial tissue
8. Artificial intelligence for biomedicine
9. Welfar techniques and rehabilitation
10. Biomolecular techniques
11. Diagnosis support system
12. Genetic Computing
13. Cardiovascular techniques
14. Matrial implant technology