Supporting Facilities Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (Faculty of ICT)

Mon, 15 Apr 2019
4:32 pm
Supporting Facilities FTIK
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1. Programming Laboratory
2. Architecture and Computer Networking Laboratory
3. Intelligent System Laboratory
4. Vision, Image Processing, and Graphic Laboratory
5. Otomation and Simulation Laboratory
6. Net-Centric Computing Laboratory
7. Software Engineering Laboratory
8. Knowledge-based System Engineering Laboratory
9. e-Business Laboratory
10. Decision Support Systems Laboratory
11. Information Systems Design & Development Laboratory
12. Information System Programming Laboratory


1. Digital Library ITS
2. e-Learning ITS
3. ITS Library
4. Informatics Library
5. Information Systems Library

Research Centers

1. Industrial Research Center
2. Energy Research Center
3. Oceanic Research Center
4. Center for Research in Material Science and Basic Science
5. Center for Research in Computer and Information Systems
6. Center for Research in Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing
7. Center for Research in Demography and Environment

Public Facilities

  • International Office
  • Language Center
  • Computing Center
  • Student Dormitory
  • University Hostel
  • University hall
  • Theaters
  • Medical Center and Pharmacy
  • Student Advisory Center
  • Sport Centers: Soccer stadium, Futsal court, badminton court, volley field, indoor and outdoor basketball court, tennis court, and climbing wall.
  • Business Incubator Center
  • Shop and agencies: Bank, ATM, Post office, Cafeteria, Shops, Travel agents.
  • Mosque
  • Student Clubs and Societies: a range of clubs and societies cater to the students interest, whether they be related to the degree, culture, art and music, sport, or just for fun.

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