Thesis Proposal & Thesis

Magister Of Informations System Program

Thesis Proposal

Thesis must be started by a Thesis Proposal

  1. Thesis Proposal

Thesis Proposal should follow these requirements:

  1. Format of the Thesis Proposal:
    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Research Background
    • Research Questions
    • Research Goals
    • Research Contributions
    • Literature Reviews
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Plan
    • References
  2. The thesis proposal must have consulted and approved by research supervisor
  3. The novelty and contribution of the research are clear
  4. Presented and passed the proposal seminar with mark B or higher
  5. Thesis Report

Thesis Report

Thesis Report should follow these requirements, following the university’s requirements:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Research Background
  4. Research Questions
  5. Research Goals
  6. Research Contributions
  7. Literature Reviews
  8. Research Methodology
  9. Research Findings
  10. References
    • The thesis proposal must have consulted and approved by research supervisor
    • The novelty and contribution of the research are clear
    • Presented and passed the final seminar with mark B or higher

Thesis Main Supervisor

The main supervisor should adhere with the following requirements

  1. Hold a doctoral degree from university accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture and have an academic position of a Lector
  2. Be in the same program as the student. For a multidisciplinary program, the head of the thesis committee can come from other programs closest to the student’s thesis topic
  3. Hold a good academic record from their publications in the past five years as the first author or corresponding authors, including:
  4. Minimum one article in peer-reviewed international journal, or equivalent with articles in an international conference proceeding, a book chapter, internationally recognized portfolio/designs, OR
  5. Minimum two articles in different accredited national journals, or equivalent with nationally recognized portfolio/designs, OR
  6. Minimum five articles in national conferences from their field of study
  7. An active researcher in their field of studies
  8. Posses a good record as a research supervisor. At the university, this record will be assessed by the quantity of students passing and finishing their thesis final defense within two semesters from the thesis proposal
  9. Adhere to university code of ethics and possess good academic integrity

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