Department History

In its journey to date, a lot has been passed and can be written as a sign of the progress of SI | FTIF with gold ink, like

  1.     February 2003, Obtained SP4 competition grant from DIKTI Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia
    September 2005, First graduate of information systems graduate.
  2.    August 2006, Obtaining national accreditation from BANPT with the title A (very good)
  3.     November 2006, ranked first in the category C ITS Award (new department with a number of students under 300)
  4.     March 2007, The first time printing a GengSi information system community magazine.
  5.     November 2007, Obtained a special award for the best productivity program in the ITS Award.
  6.     February 2008, Launch of the new SI | logo FTIF
  7.     August 2008, The first time to print Si Ways, a record of the streets chosen to develop the department.
  8.     September 2008, First time joint research with overseas universities (Kumamoto University) obtained through the ITS – JICA cooperation program
  9.     November 2008, Issued the first time Sisfo Journal (information system)
  10.     December 2008, Organizing the first time a national-level seminar named Sesindo (Indonesian information system seminar)
  11.     January 2009, The first time I recorded a report on the performance achievement of the department as the responsibility of the chairman and secretary of the department to stakeholders.
  12.     March 2009, Firstly, it will hold recruitment (staff of lecturers and employees) by using a system on job training and coaching.
  13.     May 2009, Broadcasting the first time SITV (television information system)
  14.     June 2009, Established a master program (S2) information / information technology system in collaboration with ITS FTIF postgraduate engineering program.
  15.     November 2009, obtained special majors with the most cooperation in the ITS Award.
  16.     March 2010, Formation of the parent information system student forum (FORMASI)
  17.     March 2010, The first parent gathering was held. Student performance show in front of parents / guardians.
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